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Ride - 나다(NADA)

01. Ride
Album name Ride
artist 나다(NADA)
Label Ground Zero
genre 랩/힙합
Release date 2018-01-19
Album Introduction About Album::

Chris “D-Fens” Dang, Writer & Producer:

“I had been working out of Cycadelic Recording Studios in Los Angeles, writing music for the new team of artists Kirk Kim had acquired. We were focusing on developing a sound that was reminiscent of the classic G-Funk that dominated hip hop music in the 90s. We were looking to create a throwback sound, but also incorporating elements that looked towards the future.”
“I first met Nada in the late spring of 2017 here at Cycadelic Studios in Los Angeles. She told me of her immediate love for Los Angeles – the sun, the people, the vibe, the style. The slower pace of Southern California was quite different for her experience in the fast pace of Seoul, but she fit right in here with her positive and upbeat energy.”
“That summer, Kirk and Nada asked me to write a song that captured the vibe she saw in the Southern California culture. The first thing I did was to find a tempo that would make your body bounce and sway like a vintage 64 lowrider Impala rolling down the boulevard on a hot summer night. I wanted the rhythm section to lay back in the groove, so you could relax and feel the warmth of the California sun on your face and in your heart. Deep and expansive keyboard pads were laid across the music much as the sun lays across the ocean as it sets behind the Santa Monica pier. Wah-wah guitars and talkbox synthesizers echo off in the distance like the memory of a transistor radio at the Compton swap meet playing an old funky jam. The whole feel of song has a gentle push and pull to it that evokes a quiet beach in Malibu where the ocean waves draw in and out with the tide.”
“Lyrically, I am very excited about Nada’s lyrics and vocals for this song. She captured a special feeling – one of warmth, passion and gratitude. It’s very close to the emotions many local Latina MCs use in their music, so Nada’s words (although mostly in Korean) very much reflect a uniquely Los Angeles vibe.”

■ Credits

Lyrics by: 나다(NADA), Sumin (수민)
Composed by: Chris Dang
Arranged by: Chris Dang
Mixed by: Chris Dang
@Depthcharge Studios Vancouver
Mastered by: Superdog
@Planet Krypton Studios
Produced by: Ground Zero Inc.

Album Cover: damie Li @OVIS
Artist Introduction "NADA " is famous rapper,dancer and model based in South Korea. Trained as a K-Pop idol from her previous group " Wassup " Nada's talented abilities shows off Her confident and charismatic rapping skills with great appeal. Nada being a published model adds more flavor to the music. She is back again as solo artist and as the boss of her own hiphop label, Ground Zero.

She hopes to influence her fans and colleagues to be strong and confident. Her past experiences with the industry drove her to start over from scratch. She often says " I was shaken but NOT SHATTERED " . Ground Zero is where she starts again and Ground Zero is her Label.





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